A Message from Chairman Bob

"Being Chairman Bob in our advertising campaign has given me many opportunities to talk with customers like you about who we are as a company and what we stand for. As people recognize me from our ads, they feel comfortable coming up to me to talk about food, and much of that talk is about the quality my signature promises on each of our Roundy’s brand items.

We’re serious about what we put our name on. Our guarantee on every one of our items gives you a direct link to me if you have a question, compliment or concern. I’m in touch with customers every day and understand how you count on us to help you bring home the best quality products for your family and how important it is for us to deliver on our promises.

Roundy’s brand products have quickly become shopper favorites with quality that meets, and many times exceeds, national brands at a substantial savings.  We continue to improve and expand Roundy’s products, adding more than 300 items to the Roundy’s label each year.  If you haven’t already, take time to become familiar with our products. Experience the quality and enjoy the savings."

- Chairman Bob Mariano

Chairman Bob's Signature

What does it mean to Chairman Bob to have his signature on Roundy's Brand products?

Signature (YouTube link)

Chairman Bob's Favorite

What is Chairman Bob's favorite Roundy's Brand product?

Chairman Bob's Favorite (YouTube link)

Chairman Bob on Roundy's Organics

Chairman Bob talks about Roundy's Organics.

Roundy's Organics (YouTube link)

Chairman Bob on Roundy's Select

Chairman Bob talks about Roundy's Select.

Roundy's Select (YouTube link)